Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Flandreau Public Schools   FPS Education Foundation

The Education Foundation was established and incorporated in 1999 to support the students and educational program of the Flandreau School District.

Public schools find it increasingly difficult to provide more than the basic educational programs using only the traditional resources. However, the community's expectations for its schools continue to increase while the limits on tax funds become more restrictive.

The Foundation offers a way for individuals, groups and businesses to help support their schools and the students through tax-deductible contributions. These funds received from private sources, will not be used to replace taxes; they will serve as a supplement.

The FSD Education Foundation is established in accordance with state and federal tax laws as a legally incorporated and nonprofit foundation. The Flandreau School Board governs the operation of the Foundation

Foundation funds will benefit:

  • Students
  • Professional staff growth activities
  • School district services

The Flandreau School District has acquired a reputation for educational excellence. As the schools continue to provide the best education for students, the district must look beyond tax resources for support.

Ways to provide assistance to youth of the Flandreau School District through the Foundation Trust
Please consider the following options for contributing to the Foundation. As with any financial planning you should consult with your tax counselor, attorney, or other financial advisor to determine the exact impact of state and/or federal tax laws on your gift.
CASH CONTRIBUTIONS A cash contribution may reduce your tax liability.
WILL AND BEQUESTS Providing for the Foundation in our will gives you an opportunity to assist future generations of students with educational opportunities.
TRUSTS Property can be placed in a trust which will pay you a lifetime income. Income tax savings may be realized from a gift of this nature.
LIFE INSURANCE This gift is made by assigning the policy to the Foundation.
ANNUITIES By transferring property or money to the Foundation, the donor may reserve income from the gift in the form of an annuity.
APPRECIATED PROPERTY GIFT By giving a piece of property to the Foundation which is worth more today than when you bought it may also give you a significant tax savings.
  • Promote technological education
  • Supplement or enrich academic programs in elementary, middle and high school
  • Establish a general scholarship fund
  • Provide professional growth for staff
  • Promote development of the Resource Center
  • Provide equipment and furnishings
  • Fund building expansion
  • Update technology

For further information, contact the Flandreau School District Superintendent at (605) 997-3263.